Jeff Lunt

About Jeff Lunt

I joined NUBIC as a software developer in August 2011, with a strong background in working with users. I've been writing software since age 12, and haven't stopped loving it since. In addition to the work I do for Northwestern University, I also develop the occasional side project on GitHub, and participate regularly on the community coding site, StackOverflow. Read more at

My checklist for deploying mission critical web apps

First of all, ask yourself this: when you’re dealing with production data, even if you only have a single customer to serve (maybe it’s yourself or your organization), is there ever a time that it’s not mission critical? It’s always mission … Continue reading

Continuous Delivery reading and resource list

Update 3/28/2012: In order to manage server configuration and code deployments, I’m experimenting with a free, hosted Chef account from I’m also following this blog post for the application deployment-specific questions and solutions. ————————————- My technical project for the … Continue reading